Grupo BC has the widest coverage of any company in the sector with offices in every Spanish region.

Its headquarters and registered offices are located in Madrid. Meanwhile, its 70 centres give the company a presence in every Spanish province. It has the largest workforce in the sector and the best technological and human resources:

A network of over 1,200 employees in Spain and 3,000 worldwide

Our Main Clients

We help our clients to improve their efficiency, quality, and operational process costs through our extensive and consolidated national network and the best systems on the market (integrated with the client) while outsourcing more functions with innovative solutions for our customers.

Technology platform

We have several IT platforms: Cosmos, CosmosNET, SDoc and Rosseta, created specifically for processing mortgage and property transactions, integrated with various tools such as SAP® and other systems specific to the companies we work with.

Ideal Partner

Grupo BC is the ideal partner for outsourcing processes securely and efficiently. We enable our clients to:

  • Adjust costs
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce investment in systems
  • Avoid errors in the formalisation of documents
  • Improve document management through digitisation and document storage
  • Ensure effective control of transactions
  • Reduce operational risk