Our Group started out as a private association in Barcelona in December 1974. Initially, our main activity was focused on processing public documents prior to their entry in the property and/or commercial register. Later, we expanded into outsourcing other processes.

1985 saw the merger of professional firms Bellver and Candela, forming a public limited company and expanding the scope of services to legal and commercial consultancy, with the addition of specialists in different areas.

Serving Spanish banks for over 40 years

In 1994, the company took the decision to implement a national expansion plan, with the opening of its own centres and acquisition of similar companies including Centro de Asesoría Hipotecaria, SL (Mortgage Advice Centre), the company which marked the completion of the expansion in 1996.

With geographical coverage throughout the whole of Spain providing the necessary resources to offer excellent service quality to our clients, we began a process that culminated in July 1999 with the two companies (Bellver Candela, SA and Centro de Asesoría Hipotecaria, SL) obtaining a Company Registration Certificate from the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR) in line with the International Standard on Quality Assurance Systems requirements, UNE-EN ISO 9002:1994 (adapted in 2003 to the new UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 standard).

In July 2002, we expanded our shareholdings to target new product and service segments, with the aim of taking on the part of the outsourcing process initiated by financial institutions related to the formalisation of loans.

From 2003, under the brand GRUPO BC, the company commenced its international expansion process, opening offices in Portugal, Greece, and Italy, and establishing partnerships in France and the United Kingdom.

Bellver Candela and Centro de Asesoría Hipotecaria merged at the end of 2010 to form GRUPO BC de Asesoría Hipotecaria, SL.

This new company was created with a view to increasing expansion. This cycle of expansion was consolidated in 2011 with the acquisition of a majority stake in CIBERGESTIÓN HIPOTECARIA, holder of subsidiaries in Latin America, giving Grupo BC a presence in Mexico, Chile, and Colombia, with subsequent expansion into Brazil and Peru.

In 2015, L-GAM acquired a stake, consolidating GRUPO BC and CIBERGESTION into a new company - GRUPO BC GLOBAL SERVICES, encompassing all business across Europe and America.