On 30 July 1999, AENOR awarded Bellver Candela SA and Centro de Asesoría Hipotecaria SL a Company Registration Certificate, verifying that the Quality Assurance System adopted by the organisation for the provision of its deeds and associated documents processing service complies with the UNE-EN ISO 9002:1994 standard.

In 2011, as part of the merger between Bellver Candela SA and Centro de Asesoría Hipotecaria SL, and the simultaneous name change to Grupo BC de Asesoría Hipotecaria SL, the company went one step further with the consolidation of its AENOR certificates in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015.

BC Grupo has always been committed to service quality and data security. AENOR granted it the 9001 standard certificate verifying its proper quality management and demonstrating its adaptation to legal requirements and ongoing improvement cycles.

We understand that quality is dynamic and subject to continuous transformation. It should be quickly adapted to organisational changes, changes in our clients' specifications and requirements, changes in external regulations, and changes in benchmark standards. Therefore, we must strive to continuously improve and ensure that all company employees comply with the policy set out by Management.

Quality Policies

GrupoBC aspires to be considered by its customers as a permanent reference point for the quality of its services and for the high level of quality assurance in its management.

For this, the management undertakes to:

  • To comply with the necessary legal and complementary requirements
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

The purpose of the Service of Formalization of Mortgage Operations and processing of Deeds and Assimilated Documents, is to meet the needs of formalization and processing of public deeds that they demand their clients, financial institutions, notaries, property developers, etc.

In BPO Services, we provide customized solutions for the needs where clients do not have specialization.


The provision of the GrupoBC service is aimed at achieving the following Principles:
  • P.1. Expansion and loyalty of the customer base
  • P.2. Maximum level of service quality
  • P.3. Transparency in the service management process
  • P.4. Increase the level of staff satisfaction and enhance their capabilities

This Policy will be communicated to the entire organization and will be a frame of reference for the establishment and review of quality objectives.


  • Civil liability insurance, with a limit of €3M and €6M per claim and per year.
  • CyberRisk insurance with extensive coverage, including potential data protection sanctions, with coverage of €600,000.
  • Insurance against employee infidelity and fraudulent acts, with coverage of €600,000 per claim and per year.