Grupo BC is an expert in banking process management, trusted by major financial entities that have found in us the perfect partner to transform their processes from start to finish. We combine our in-depth knowledge of banking processes with our own proprietary IT solutions adapted to each service to streamline processes, optimise costs, and guarantee the success of every project.

We anticipate the needs of the sector, evolving and adapting our portfolio to new digital banking services, and providing effective, comprehensive, and secure solutions in an environment where traditional financial institution channels are undergoing constant transformation.

  • Personal Loans
  • Reservations of title: leasing, renting
  • Credit facilities
  • Pensions
  • Guarantees
  • LEI code processing
  • Wills
  • Attorney credentials

Our customers are our best advertisement

Years of experience in banking processes and services outsourcing

We bring together technology and processes in companies that need to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Our ongoing mission is to analyse and optimise

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